Poisoned bread in St. Paul – watch your dogs!

Is St. Paul dog-hater back? Neighbors concerned after suspicious bread found

Blue Kitty Cat Treats Recalled for Propylene Glycol


Blue Buffalo Company is recalling Blue Kitty Yums Chicken Recipe Cat Treats that may contain low levels of propylene glycol which can cause illness in cats. One illness has been reported.

The recalled products were sold online and at specialty stores. Consumers who have purchased these treats should not give them to their cats.


Use caution around pets when using topical pain meds w/ Flurbiprofen


FDA Warns of Illnesses and Deaths in Pets Exposed to Prescription Topical Pain Medications Containing Flurbiprofen

April 17, 2015

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is alerting pet owners, veterinarians, health care providers and pharmacists that pets are at risk of illness and death when exposed to topical pain medications containing the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory […]

Do not use 100% Tea Tree Oil on your pet!

From Pet Poison Helpline:

Melaleuca oil, also known as Tea Tree Oil, is an essential oil. Tea Tree oil should never be used at 100% because animals can experience drop in body temperature, incoordination, weakness, lethargy, tremors and heart abnormalities. If your pet has a skin issue, please consult with your veterinarian about the […]

Day Lilies are TOXIC to cats!

The day lilies are blooming. They are beautiful and it’s very tempting to cut some flowers and put them in a vase in your house. DO NOT do this if you have cats! They are very toxic and lead to acute kidney failure. All parts of the lily are toxic including the water that you […]

Keeping Pets Safe during the Holidays (Pet Poison Helpline)

Keeping Pets Safe this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a magical time to reconnect with family and friends, deck the halls, and celebrate the spirit of giving. Most pets seem to enjoy the holidays too and some are lucky enough to get their own stocking stuffed with new toys and treats. But […]