“We all love HouseCall VetCARE! Eva’s gentle spirit makes everyone comfortable, and the depth of her knowledge is incredible.” Love, Dusty, Ranger, Luna and Michelle

“HouseCall VetCARE is a great service. Eva is wonderfully knowledgeable and compassionate, and it’s sooo much easier on our dog to have his checkups in his familiar environment. Thanks Eva!” ––Paul P.

“Eva has looked after our dog and two cats for years. Her sympathetic demeanor and expertise have always impressed us, and she’s been a great help to our animal friends.” ––Ed A.

“Eva Mozey Etoll has been our go-to vet for 15 years, through two cats and one dog, one overactive thyroid, throat cancer, and the usual shots, exams, and stool samples. She is always calm and professional, even while she understands how much these beasties mean to us. You can tell they mean a great deal to her as well; she’s got those kind of hands. I feel lucky that she’s practicing, and better still coming to our home, where the animals feel comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Mozey Etoll!” ––Terri S.

“I can’t say enough about HouseCall VetCARE! If you are in MSP and need ANYTHING from a vet, they are the people to call. Fraidy HATED going in the car and I would have HATED myself for putting her through that… Thanks again Eva Mozey Etoll and Michael Etoll!”–Laurie B.

“The phone consultation Eva offers is a great service. I discussed some cat issues with her and she was very helpful and patient. She gave me several resources and referrals. I am calmer and have a plan of action. If you need to get some healthcare questions answered, I’d highly recommend HCVC!” –Jill F.

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“We wish our mom wasn’t always trying to examine us and trim our nails. We want that MEOW MIX cat food – why won’t she give it to us? Well, at least we don’t get stuffed in that box and put in the car! That was the worst! She is really nice when we don’t feel good and never gets mad if we throw up on the bed!”  -Jojo and Tubby