Dr. Eva Mozey Etoll is a full-time, on-call┬áveterinarian in Minneapolis/St. Paul. She works with local vet hospitals, but is independent and available for home visits. She can also take your calls when you have questions about your pet’s health needs.

HouseCall VetCARE is dedicated to providing an alternative solution to conventional office visits for your pet.

Housecall VetCARE offers veterinary care for your pet by an experienced professional in your home!

HouseCall VetCARE eliminates the stress and anxiety that an animal experiences when they are transported to a Veterinary Clinic.

HouseCall VetCARE provides convenient and flexible hours, a prompt response to your concerns, sound advice, and regularly posted, up-to-date important information on recalls concerning pet products.

Please visit our blog to get the most up-to-date pet product recalls and information!

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Email address: housecallvetcare@gmail.com (You’ll hear back within 4 hours, as long as you don’t get caught in our junk mail filters!)


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