Day Lilies are TOXIC to cats!

The day lilies are blooming. They are beautiful and it’s very tempting to cut some flowers and put them in a vase in your house. DO NOT do this if you have cats! They are very toxic and lead to acute kidney failure. All parts of the lily are toxic including the water that you […]

11 Cat Emergencies need veterinary help right away

11 Cat Emergencies That Need Immediate Veterinary Attention Although some emergencies come on suddenly and are anything but subtle, it is true that many others start with vague symptoms

Dr. Eric Barchas | Jul 16th 2013 |

In my role as an emergency veterinarian I treat some very sick cats. And I also meet some […]

Keeping Pets Safe during the Holidays (Pet Poison Helpline)

Keeping Pets Safe this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a magical time to reconnect with family and friends, deck the halls, and celebrate the spirit of giving. Most pets seem to enjoy the holidays too and some are lucky enough to get their own stocking stuffed with new toys and treats. But […]

Seek emergency veterinary care if you suspect your dog is bloating!

Bloating in dogs is a true emergency and time is crucial. I would contact your nearest animal emergency clinic (that is open). My links page has the websites of the emergency clinics in the Twin Cities area. If you know your dog is bloating – get in the car and drive there, but call the […]