The USDA has some food safety tips in the event that you’re without power. Probably the best advice is “When in doubt, throw it out!”

Food safety tips from the USDA after the massive storms that caused power outages:

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This blog is dedicated to providing you with the most current pet product recalls and warnings about pet food, pet treats, veterinary medications, and other health-related news. There have been some pet food scares in the news lately. It seems like a new brand name shows up on the list all the time. I’ll be […]

While many human foods are toxic to dogs and cats, some are actually safe to feed them. Read over our list of safe foods for pets and make sure you know which foods you can and cannot share with your dog or cat this Memorial Day weekend! Thanks for this great link Pet Poison Helpline!

Some NATURAL BALANCE has been recalled – this includes food that was sold in MINNESOTA!