Welcome to the blog of Eva Mozey Etoll, DVM

This blog is dedicated to providing you with the most current pet product recalls and warnings about pet food, pet treats, veterinary medications, and other health-related news. There have been some pet food scares in the news lately. It seems like a new brand name shows up on the list all the time. I’ll be posting these critical updates.

I’ve been a practicing veterinarian for 22 years. This blog is a great way for me to let my clients know about general and seasonal recommendations, poisons and toxins to watch out for, new veterinary information and a wide variety of pet-related topics.

And, of course, no veterinary blog would be complete without cute pet photos, funny comics (from all over the internet) and amusing personal stories (don’t worry, no names!). I hope you enjoy my blog and please keep in touch! I love to see pictures of your dogs and cats and other jokes and funny or cute images!

Eva Mozey Etoll, DVM



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