Summer safety tips from MVMA!

 Summer Pet Safety tips

Keeping Your Pets Safe in Summer Water

Water can add a fun dimension to summer play with your pets, but be sure to remember these tips so that water play is safe and fun for your pets, you and your family.

  • Warning about toxic blue-green algae-The algae gathers on the surface of the water and is known to kill dogs if they drink enough of it.
  • Never force an animal into the water – not all dogs enjoy swimming.
  • If your dog falls into the water or appears to be struggling, offer it a net or other object to help it to safety.

 More summer tips from the AAHA

  • If a wasp or bee stings your pet be on the watch for vomiting, itchiness, hives, swelling or diarrhea. If they occur, contact your veterinarian immediately.
  • Keep your pet from foraging through leftover picnic foods in the backyard. Corncobs, ribs, hot dogs and other picnic fare can cause gastrointestinal distress to animals.
  • With guests coming and going from the backyard, make sure gates stay closed so your pets don’t slip away unseen.
  • If multiple dogs from different households are present, monitor their play and separate them as needed to avoid fights and injuries.


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