Iverhart plus chewables (Virbac) recalled (AGAIN)!


Virbac-recalls-six-lots-of-Iverhart-Plus-Flavored-Chewables-due-to-efficacy-concerns.aspxVirbac recently announced that it is voluntarily recalling six lots of Iverhart Plus Flavored Chewables due to efficacy concerns. According to PetMD, the heartworm preventive failed to meet stability specifications throughout the life of the product.

The stability concerns prompted Virbac to send a letter to veterinarians warning that the recalled lots might not offer full heartworm protection for dogs in the upper third of each weight range, PetMD reported.

Recalled lots include:

Dog size Lot number
Large dogs (51-100 pounds) Lot 120076
Lot 120086
Lot 120856
Medium dogs (26-50 pounds) Lot 120202
Small dogs (up to 25 pounds) Lot 120196
Lot 120844

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