Fireworks/Thunderstorm Anxiety in Dogs!

Tip of the Week: Is your dog stressed by storms, fireworks or other noises? (courtesy of the Univ of MN College of Vet Med).

There are a number of non-prescription “remedies” out on the market to help lower your dog’s anxiety during storms. These products range from herbal supplements to “swaddling” type clothing products for your dog. Our clients report mixed results from using these products. Some dogs seem to respond nicely, and no other treatment is necessary. Others respond somewhat but still need supplemental prescription medications to reduce anxiety. Some dogs do not respond at all, and some dogs seem more anxious with these products than they were without them!

If your dog is really stressed by storms or fireworks or other noises, behavior modification as well as medications to reduce anxiety can be really helpful. Today’s medications are much better at reducing anxiety without sedation. In fact, sedated dogs are not necessarily less anxious, so tranquilizers and sedatives may not even be helpful! If you need help managing your dog’s storm or fireworks anxiety, discuss your concerns with your veterinarian.

If you would like an appointment with our Behavior Service, visit our website at or call us at 612-624-0797.

Storms are frequent in Minnesota. You can help your dog weather them well.

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