Cat Behavior Problems – My Cat From Hell: Animal Planet

I’ve watched this show – My Cat From Hell: Animal Planet and found it has some VERY helpful tips for managing a variety of cat behavior problems. If you are having problems w/ inappropriate urination/defecation, aggression, or other issues – ask your veterinarian, call me, but also check out this show.

Here is the website:

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  • Margaret George

    I have a cat I’ve had for 5 years, she was evidently a feral cat. She was 6months old when I got her. I have only been able to pick her up 2-3 times in 5 yrs. She stays under my bed or behind the couch all the time. Over the 5 years she will let me pet her briefly but if I make an attempt like I might try to pick her up she runs. She is always so skittish. I have done everything to gain her trust over this time. I 2 other cats that I got as kittens after I got her, she does interact well with them. I have been unable to take her to the vet for her shots without trapping her. I was looking for some suggestions for gaining her trust more.
    I saw Jackson on a show recently addressing an issue with a cat that had been a possible feral, so I thought he might be able to offer me some suggestions. I don’t want her life to always be like this, she is such a sweet cat.

  • I think he would be able to offer you some advice. I am not sure how to contact him or his fee. You could also see if you have a mobile vet in your area if the kitty needs care. Here are 2 sites that might give you some general advice for your kitty: or

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