Tips to keep pets calm during fireworks this 4th of July

  • Tips to keep pets calm during fireworks on this 4th of July!

    By: EndPlay Staff Report

The Fourth of July is all about fun and many people choose to celebrate the occasion with barbecues, fireworks and brews. Sadly, all of these things can be seriously disruptive to pets.

In fact, some animal shelters report that the midsummer celebration is one of the peak times for lost pets because dogs and cats can get frightened by the loud sounds and bolt, according to information from Campell Patch. Additionally, some animals might act out in anxiety from all the disruption around them.

The tips below may help all members of your household – even the four-legged ones – have a safe and happy holiday.

• Keep your dog inside during fireworks. Even if he or she usually spends evenings outside, Fido will likely appreciate inside comfort and companionship while “bombs bursting in air” are sounding outside.

• Don’t leave any alcoholic drinks within your pet’s reach. Beer, wine and liquor can be poisonous to pets, according to the ASPCA.

• Run a fan, air conditioner or even the dishwasher inside with your pet while others are using loud fireworks outside. These items create white noise that might drown the booms and bangs.

• Keep your pets on their normal diet. Even though sharing a burger or hot dog with your pet sounds like a good idea, it could lead to problems with digestion or diarrhea. Older pets have especially delicate digestive systems, according to the ASPCA.

• If your pet must be outside during Fourth of July festivities, make sure he or she is wearing proper identification. This can ensure your pets safe return if he or she escapes.

• Only use sunscreen and insect repellent approved for pets on your dog or cat. Accidental ingestion of the human-versions of these products can cause drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst, lethargy and even neurological problems for pets.

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